Competitive Program

Competitive – SGT Levels 10-12

Levels 10 through 12 is a player who is new to competition and usually shoots between 80 to 100. We train them in the rules, the etiquette of playing the game and course strategy. There are logical steps to playing golf well. We teach strategies and players will learn how to keep their stats.

Zone Golf Academy coaches will help the golfers design their tournament schedule according to budget and time constraints.

These players are able to travel to competitions with our coaches around the world.

Elite Competitive – SGT Levels 13-15

Levels 13-15 is a player who is playing Provincially, Nationally or Internationally. This player might enjoy competing in Canada or the USA after secondary school. They usually golf on their school team and are committed to training in the gym, on the course and in classes with a Golf Professional.

Zone Golf Academy prides themselves in placing every player that wants to compete in college.

Details stats and quantitative practice lessons are provided. Rules tests are administered periodically.

Pre-Collegiate/Pre-Professional – SGT Levels 16-18

Levels 16-18 are committed players trying to compete for Team Canada, like Coach TJ did in 1983. These golfers are usually scratch players who are fundamentally sound and are committed to learning the rules in detail.