About The Tour

The Junior Hawk Tour has been designed to bring fun and learning into the game of golf. Our tour provides juniors aged 5 years to 18 years both 9 and 18-hole events that combine a fun spirit, education on the rules of golf and the etiquette of respecting your fellow players and the course. Junior Hawk members will play some of the more challenging executive golf courses in the Lower Mainland.

Junior Hawk Osprey Tour 2022

Who are we?

We are an owned and operated Richmond based company, based out of Mylora Executive Golf Course. During our inaugural year, 2022 we hope to inspire a new generation of young golfers by showcasing our excellent facilities in Richmond and the lower mainland.

Osprey Mini Tour

This very special tour will consist of 9 events played at Mylora GC. This tour will not only showcase the grounds but enable new golfers to play with Pace of Play, teach parents to be great caddies and help children foster friendships and inclusiveness to all participants.

We would like this mini tour to be fun and create joy in the game of golf.

Scheduled Dates: (start times, holes played)

  • April – Easter Sunday – April 17th (8:00 am / 9 holes)
  • May – Saturday – May 15th (8:00 am / 9 holes)
  • June – Sunday – June 12th (8:00 am / 9 holes)
  • June – Sunday – June 19th (7:30 am / 9 holes)
  • July – Sunday – July 10th (7:30 am /9 holes)
  • July – Sunday – July 24th (7:30 am / 9 holes) 
  • August – Sunday – Aug 21st (7:30 am / 9 holes)                      
  • August – Sunday – Aug 28th (7:30 am / 9 holes)
  • September – Sunday – Sept 11th (8:00 am / 9 holes)

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